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More blogging in 2018

1st January, 2018

I don’t really do New Years resolutions - the concept is a bit weird and arbitrary and there’s more to follow on that later. However, I will concede that my blog posts are conveniently arranged into folders, and this fact highlights that I managed to produce a mere 17 posts in 2017. Admittedly some of them (e.g. inside an F1 car launch) were pretty unusual, but still it’s no excuse. It was also an improvement on the previous three years totals!

However, as I managed around 190 posts in 2010, it might be time to get back into writing and have another go. What better way to start than to write about how I’m going to start. It may well be that my next post is January 2019 writing about how this totally didn’t happen… but we shall see.