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Beijing Diary: Day 1

26th May, 2013

Today, Sunday, should really have been Diary Day 2. However to some scheming on the part of Air France and an improbable number of air safety alerts in one day in the UK, we missed our connection at Charles de Gaulle and wound up spending the night. 14 hours of uncomfortable half-dozing and hanging around in terminals (and a LOT of coffee) and we were finally on our way.

We landed at 6am local and by the time we were at Wenni’s mum’s house and had a shower and breakfast it was time for our first scheduled engagement anyway. We had a good look round the venue for the Chinese leg of our wedding and had a lot of questions answered.

We had noodles for lunch and spent the afternoon meeting a wedding planner, another two we have go and meet tomorrow and then we choose from all three.

Thanks to our bad night sleep in Paris we’re pretty close to Beijing time with our body clocks already. Lets hope this week is a more seamless one than the journey out here!

I also need to remember to stop trying to tweet things - that’s not going to happen here!