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Beijing Diary: Day 3

28th May, 2013

Day 3 started off with writing invitations to the wedding which will be distributed in the coming days. There was no power to the area for the whole day, owing to maintenance - we just had enough water for showers!

For lunch we went to what can only be described as a local shopping centre for Korean food. I’ve had this before in China - by far the coolest feature is that you cook all the meat and vegetables yourself on a gas plate in the middle of the table.

In addition to this it was really tasty :-)

In the afternoon we went to a supermarket to stock up on supplies for Wenni to bring back to England. Some of you who have stayed in Europe for any period of time will recognise Carrefour, but probably not the food they stock :-)

Afterwards we went to Wenni’s grandparents for dinner. This was absolutely delicious and their flat near the Beijing meteorology centre has a great view.