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Beijing Diary: Day 4

29th May, 2013

This morning was yet more wedding planning, but at least we had hot water for decent showers!

For lunch we went top the second Beijing duck restaurant. It was just as I remembered it - delicious! I must also claim it was marginally better than the one the other day :-)

Additionally this one didn’t serve us the head!

On the way from lunch we saw one of the most insane pieces of traffic management I’ve ever seen! The police stopped an entire ring road for nearly half an hour just to let some high-fliers out of the conference centre. I wish we were talking a small road but they blocked four lanes of already heavily flowing traffic and backed it all up for what I can only imagine were several miles. Fortunately for us we were only in the area, not on the road itself so we got to see it (including the bigwig’s car) without getting caught up in it to much. It did have a substantial knock-on effect on the area, all just food one important person!

The afternoon we spent again at the wedding venue, spring out more things with threes organisers - they will be glad when we head home I don’t doubt! It was odd to be sitting in a Chinese hotel with Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and the Black Eyed Peas playing on the radio…

For dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant - again very tasty indeed. I even tried the fish head which was pretty good.