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Beijing Diary: Day 7

1st June, 2013

Today is international children’s day - the swimming pool around the corner looked very busy as we went past!

We went just out of Beijing today to visit Wenni’s aunt and uncle. They live just outside the province of Beijing (it is both a city and a province, much like Shanghai - which IS in China, for the record - think London and Greater London, where Greater London would be like a county). Wenni’s mum drove us out to the sixth ring road then all three way along the south to the Beijing-Hong Kong highway. We were amused by the road sign which said “Hong Kong 2336km” - we reckoned it would take at least three days to get that far depending on how many stops you had - but the fact there’s a road that goes all the way there is quite impressive! Once we got out of the province we headed along a bit further and Zhuo Zhou is the first big city on the right.

We had a delicious lunch with them - chicken, pork, potatoes, pancakes (not what you think) and more - then headed out to the local shops. Turns out it was well over 30 degrees in the afternoon sun and I felt like I was melting!

We just finished dinner, which was duck soup, pork on sticks and various fruits and chocolates.

Today is our last day - our flight back is 9.15am local (2.15am UK time) and its gonna be a long day. Had a great week away though!