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Bing Bot is Back!

25th July, 2009

Following an extended period of down time due to the bot initially breaking (and then going crazy again, and then me not having time to fix it), Bing Bot is back and fully functional, aiming to serve your every need for information via Twitter.

Bing Bot makes use of the excellent Twitter API and Bing API, in order to bring you a search experience on Twitter. Simply send an @ message with your query to @Bing_Bot, and it will check your query for spelling, see if there are any answers available in Encarta, do a web search for it, and return you a tweet with a bit of information and a link to the Encarta entry or top search result.

What’s more, if you follow Bing Bot, then due to the way that Twitter’s replies work, you will only see search results provided to the people that you follow, not all the tweets that Bing Bot turns out!

So ask away, and feel free to provide feedback using the Connect tab at the top of this page.