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Getting sun-java5-jdk package on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic / 10.4 Lucid

19th May, 2010

I’ve been playing around with getting started building Android (I’d like to get 2.0 working on my Joggler). To build Android under Linux, you need the sun-java5-jdk package.

This is due to a conflict in the @Override command, which means you can’t use the Java 6 JDK for this task.

Unfortunately the sun-java5-jdk package isn’t available by default in the Karmic or Lucid repositories, so you need to grab it from somewhere else. To save you searching, here’s the howto:

1. Enable the jaunty-updates multiverse repository

You can do this by adding a single line to your sources.list file.

First, open your sources.list with the command:

Then you can add the following line (making sure you comment - # - with why you added it) to the file:

Then you can save that and quit.

2. Refresh sources

You need to do an update to refresh your repository list then you’re good to go:

3. Install package

And finally to install:

4. Continue process

Continue the process with the instructions here.