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#ddd8 Part 1

30th January, 2010

As you may have picked up from some of my tweets, today I’ve been out and about at #ddd8, a developer meet-up at Microsoft in Reading.

Organised “by the community, for the community” (and mostly by @plip see note below), it features a series of talks and presentations by members of the community on loads of subjects ranging from @RobAshton’s multi-tenant MVC overview, to @JonSkeet’s C# 4.

Here’s some photos from the day so far, with a bit more to come later on today or tomorrow.

Note: It has been brought to my attention - by @blowdart, and presumably for the posting of a video that has since been removed from the internet - that I hadn’t corrected my post since learning of the hard work put in by the entire #ddd8 team to bringing a brilliant event to Reading. So a belated and well-deserved thanks to all of those in charge. To #ddd9!