Chris Alexander

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#ddd8 Part 2

30th January, 2010

So one final update on the rest of today, then off to town for pub / meal / pub / pub / club / pub / sleep (I think in that order too).

Two more brilliant this sessions this afternoon, from @garyshort and @blowdart.

Gary’s session on functional languages (i.e. Clojure) was extremely interesting, and introduced me to a whole new world on top of what I thought I already knew about functional languages.

Barry’s demo was the last one at a Developer Day as he is shipping out to America soon, and all the MVPs took the opportunity to take over the projector and give us some extremely funny clips making jokes for him.

Huge thanks to all the presenters I went to see today, and apologies to those who I missed - if I could have I would have gone to all the sessions. Good job to the organisers too!

One final thought for the day from @RobAshton