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Mobile Phone Checker

8th September, 2007

Recently I’ve been hunting for a mobile phone contract ready for when I go to University in October; as you are probably aware, there are so many different contracts, networks and phones to choose from it is near-on impossible to find the right deal for what you want.

Fortunately there is a really useful site for sifting through all the information -

It includes deals from all the major online retailers including the Carphone Warehouse, Dial A Phone, Phones4u, The Link and The Phone Spot, and across the 7 major UK mobile networks. Advanced tools mean you can sort by text or call bundles, contract length or even by exact phone models or brands.

Funded by affiliate links to deals, the site is not biased by payments by companies for better placement. By default the listings are ordered by lowest price first, and cleverly automatically subtract any cashback on the deal. The site is also updated very regularly so there are always the latest deals and prices available.

All in all, if you need help finding the right contract for you, the Mobile Phone Checker is the place to go.