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Nokia Carbide UI

S60_32_mifconv.exe exe

18th June, 2008

Carbide UI is a Nokia application (actually based on the open-source application Eclipse) for developing themes for use on Series 60 and Series 40 Symbian-powered Nokia devices. It’s a fully featured suite and is very good, although I ran into this mysterious error the other day running Windows Vista:

The following error occurred in the packaging process: The command S60_32_mifconv.exe execution failed

MifConv version 1.11 build (48, SVG stand-alone).
Reading source list file: themepackage_MIFList.txt
Checking: .\qsn_bg_screen.bmp
Checking: .\qsn_fr_set_opt_foc.svg
Convert files...
The current directory is invalid.
The current directory is invalid.
Loading mif icons...
Loading file: \epoc32\BUILD\s60\icons\temp\s2uo.tmp\._s60_2_6_qsn_fr_list.svgb

ERROR: Unable to open file for reading! \epoc32\BUILD\s60\icons\temp\s2uo.tmp\._s60_2_6_qsn_fr_list.svgb

Multi Icon File converter tool. Version 1.11 (Build 48, SVG stand-alone)
Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved.


[/A] [/OPT] iconsource1.EXT [ ... [/A] [/OPT] iconsourceN.EXT]

/Hheaderfile.MBG specifies output header file name

/E               specifies that source icons are only loaded with given file
extensions. By default, MifConv prefers source icons with
extension .SVG over .BMP, regardless of which is given as
a parameter.
/Ppalettefile    palette parameter, which is forwarded to BMCONV for
bitmap icons. See more details in BMCONV help.

/Bbmconvpath     specifies the location path of BMCONV.exe.

/Ssvgencodepath  specifies the location path of SVGTBINENCODE.exe.

/Vsvgversion     specifies the format version of the generated SVGB binary
code by SVGTBINENCODE.exe.
svgversion may be one of the following values:
1 - original encoding for 3.0 and 3.1 (BGR/float)
2 - encoding (BGR/fixed point)
3 - optimized encoding for 3.1 only (RGB/fixed pt)
4 - encoding (RGB/float)

/A                specifies animated flag for icon

/OPT              specifies icon framebuffer depth and mask depth and
the syntax is DEPTH[ ,MASK]
DEPTH             may be one of /1,/2,/4,/8,/c4,/c8,/c12,/c16,/c24,/c32
MASK              may be one of 1,8

EXT               may be one of SVG, BMP

Parameter file defined with option /F may contain
any of the parameters listed above, separated by spaces or newlines.

This error was solved like so: Firstly, export your project to a new folder. This has to be somewhere your user has access to, as this problem is caused by Vista’s file permissions and security, so your user’s documents folder is a good place. Then, switch to this workspace, using File -> switch workspace. Now you should be able to export correctly without any errors :)