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Nokia Symbian SSH Client

17th May, 2008

A lot of the new Nokia mobiles have a rather nice Symbian (S60) operating system, and even more are now coming with WiFi wireless networking connections. Webmasters on the go with this type of Nokia or Symbian device can now use the Putty Mobile Java client to access their webserver (or any other SSH enabled machine, for that matter) on the go :)

The download is available on the official Putty for Symbian site.

Installation is the same as with any other app, but a detailed walk-through for the Nokia E61 is available at this site.

Special note for E-series users - make sure in Tools > Applications Manager > Options > Settings, the Software Installation is set to “All”, otherwise Putty (which is a self-signing application) will fail to install as Nokia believes it is unsecure :)