Chris Alexander

On Engineering

Small game development with Popfly

17th March, 2009

I was introduced to Popfly nearly a year ago now, and recently I have been having a bit of a play and developing my own game with it.

The main feature of Popfly is the ability to quickly and easily create games, mashups and parts of mashups using a very simple drag-and-drop user interface. It’s really easy to get started with projects, and if you need to do something complex for some reason you can simply click one button and drop back into the code behind it and make the change you need! The game I created took about 2 hours including getting to grips with the Silverlight-powered UI and figuring out some particularly cryptic error messages. It is a simple side scroller - simply avoid the blocks that appear at random times.

I think the game is a good demo of basic game development with Popfly, and illustrates how it is fairly trivial to drop back into the code if you need to make an adjustment or a more complex action. Hopefully it can be used in demos as a short project illustration.

If you want to have a play - don’t forget to add it to your favourites if you like it!