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World, meet Twittify

4th August, 2009

As I’m sure you’ve noticed me blogging a bit more, I’ve been finding bits and pieces I’ve been needing WordPress to do for me and adding Plugins to my install to get it to work. Recently I came across a little something I wanted to do which lots of plugins seemed to do, but wanted to do a load of extra stuff at the same time. That simple thing is automatically linking Twitter @usernames and #hashtags in blog posts. I came up with Twittify.

It’s only small (literally 6 lines of actual code) and you can see it working its magic on this page. It simply replaces a Twitter username mention with a link to that user’s profile (e.g. @chris_alexander) links to my profile at and hashtags (such as #RDGTweetup) link to the Twitter search pages for that story.

Hopefully people will find this little addon a useful to the bloatware alternatives available. It’s dead easy to install Twittify, so why don’t you try it out now?