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DDD North 2016

3rd October, 2016

Over the weekend, Wenni and I made the journey up to Leeds for DDD North.

This is a community .NET developer event, and while I’ve never been to one other than Reading, I was looking forward to it. Particularly so because the kind attendees had voted for my submission to speak!

The event was great fun and I really enjoyed presenting. It’s amazing how quickly 55 minutes goes when you are talking about something you love!

The topic was about what I do for a day job - building software for F1.

Finally, @Chris_Alexander talking about software development at @McLarenF1 #dddnorth

— Joel Hammond-Turner (@rammesses) October 1, 2016

This was a really fun talk to give, and hopefully everybody (60+ attendees!) managed to get something out of it, that might help them with their work on a day to day basis.

Those of us doing Agile set out to do this but we end up with ceremony and dogma. Loving these insights @chris_alexander #dddnorth

— Naeem Sarfraz (@naeemsarfraz) October 1, 2016

One of the great things about DDD is the amount of feedback, and I have been inundated with kind comments on Twitter during and since presenting. I am also looking forward to the outcomes of the feedback forms, which are offered for each speaker as well as for the whole event.

As for my slides, well none this time, as they were just pictures. But I can leave you with this…

No @dddnorth slides from me as I did a lot of talking. Here's that 570GT picture though...

— Chris Alexander (@chris_alexander) October 3, 2016