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Formula 1 BBC TV scheduling calendar

15th March, 2012

As everyone knows the BBC have made a royal faux pas with F1 and have given up basically all the live coverage to Sky. They have also scheduled odd highlights times and so forth for the rest of the season.

So, in order to keep myself on top of what I should be watching and when (paying Sky is, of course, not an option), I made a calendar with all the scheduling in it. This calendar is meant to be in compliment to the F1 calendar (you can get it in a super nice format here, thanks Ian for the reminder) as all sessions will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 5 Live (5 Live Sports Extra for the practice sessions) - so refer to the session calendar for when that will be on (it starts 5 minutes before and ends 5 minutes after the sessions usually).

Here are the links to the calendar: XML (for RSS readers and the like); ICal (Google Calendar, iOS, etc.) and HTML (for embedding in web pages).

Please send any errors or omissions to me using the Contact link above, e-mail usually gets to me fastest. So far the BBC have only published times for the first two races, so I will try and keep up with them as they publish (it would be handy if they published it all now really).