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Stratford and the Olympics

8th July, 2012

Today we headed over to Westfield Stratford (the huge new shopping mall by the Olympics site) to have a look around, and to see the Olympics site a bit closer.

Fortunately for us it turned out that it is super simple to get there - a quick walk to Hackney Central overground station and a 10-15 minute train ride later and we were deposited right outside the shopping centre.

By any measure this place is vast - two gigantic floors then another shopping street built on top of the roof! The anchor stores ate M&S and John Lewis, and we headed straight to the latter because you can see the Olympic park from their store.

The Olympic Park still looks worrying like a building site from some angles, but I’m sure (fingers crossed) they’ll have it sorted by the 27th.

Nobody is holding back on the advertising, especially the main sponsors. 10m tall Jessica Ennis anyone?

I also don’t think its possible for Visa to spend any more on advertising at the moment. Although if Bolt doesn’t win Gold with a world record they’re going to be pissed.

Lots for F1 fans though, Boss had a nice window display and the new Inside Track store was quite good to go in (and very bad for the credit card…)

The MP4-12C model is absolutely gorgeous but eye-wateringly priced (£3750).

I haven’t tried to head home yet (I think the trains may struggle a bit with this many people - good test for the Olympics though) but all in all its been quite a fun day - mostly because I sat out the clothes shopping in Starbucks, I should imagine!