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Introducing Applicator

23rd December, 2012

Update: Had to remove the app from the store. For some reason, they are having some pretty bad bugs with regards to publishing new versions. I couldn’t do this successfully so have removed it for now.

Since I was given a Chromebook last week, and it’s the only laptop I brought home with me for Christmas, I thought I’d get myself coding a few Chrome extensions on it.

Unfortunately, this was not as easy as it seems. While you can load unpacked extensions for development from the local disk - much like “regular” Chrome - it is quite tricky to actually edit the file on your disk. Make every change on Drive then download the new file? No thanks.

To get started I used the “mini editor” example application for Chrome to edit files, and I used this to start work on Applicator.

I just released Applicator 0.2 on to the Chrome Web Store. It now supports Web Intents for editing and viewing JSON, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as some slightly tweaked features. It also reports its version so it makes it much simpler to check if it actually upgraded or not.

Please check it out, use it to build your own extensions, or maybe even give it a review!