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Dell Adamo XPS

One to watch out for (and crave)

27th October, 2009

Its high time we had a blog post about some juicy hardware to drool over, and I don’t really want to linger on the fruit company much longer, so time for some gorgeous Windows 7-powered pure awesomeness.

Now it’s not often that I’ll start a blog post with a sentence crammed of so may words of high praise for anything, let alone a piece of hardware I haven’t even had my hands on yet. But I think you’ll agree that this one is more than worth it - the Dell Adamo XPS.

Thing of beauty, no?

Well Dell have been slow on the details for this super-slimline piece, much to Engadget’s frustration.

I’m pleased to be able to report, however, that a video is now available for you to view below (apologies for the atrocious music) and drool over (at least that’s what I did).

Looks like this is going to be very high on my wish list in the future, especially if it has a bit of clout to run Windows 7!

Thanks to @MarkJo and Steve Clayton (@SteveCla) for the information on this.

Edit: Oops, looks like someone’s had this taken down. Will get it restored ASAP