Chris Alexander

On Engineering

Huddle Day 1

21st July, 2008

Well it’s the end of my first day at Huddle, and it was amazing! All the people were brilliant and I had a huge amount of fun (and substantial challenges too!) sorting out the project I was working on.

I managed to set up a spare box in the office to run a ticker on the big TV in the corner, alternating between different views of the Mingle server showing information on the current iteration of the project. In the end the important information was coming up in very large numbers so everyone could see how they’re doing!

Unfortunately statistics on the Huddle users still aren’t playing ball, mostly due to the fact that stats are very tempremental at the moment! Bohus (who was working on home so I’ve yet to meet him, but was still very helpful on Jabber) said he’d be on it at some point so hopefully we can get some useful numbers coming up on the screen too!

I took some pics on my phone so I’ll get them off when I can and posted for you all to see!

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