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Huddle To Go

16th July, 2009

There’s no doubt that Huddle is an excellent productivity suite for working together online; but sometimes you need to access your Huddle files, discussions, tasks and more while you’re on the go, with only an iPhone or mobile device at your disposal.

That’s where two extra Huddle API applications step in.

First of all we have HUDSpace - this is a native iPhone application, which allows you to manage your Huddle workspaces, download and view files, manage discussions and more from one slick interface.

The other option is Clustr, a web-based application that allows you to access all of the features provided by the Huddle API from any mobile device capable of connecting to the internet. View all your files and download them to your device, take part in discussions, and manage your tasks, all in an interface designed to be highly accessible on touchscreen and mobile devices.

With these solutions, your Huddle data is never far from your fingertips.

If you depend on Huddle for your work give these products a try. And if you like them, make sure to let their authors know about it!