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Life at Huddle

27th August, 2008

You may recently have read my blog on the Huddle website about what antics I’ve been getting up to while I’ve been on my Internship - server configuration, administration and rack mounting; installing and configuring virtual machines and webservers; generally fixing little things that the dev team have got far too little time to do. If you haven’t I’d head over now - (unfortunately since removed).

It’s not just about doing, though - as well as consuming a 240-bag box of PG Tips almost single-handedly since I’ve been at the company (I replaced the carcase with a new box this morning), I have probably learnt more in these few short weeks than I could ever have imagined.Configuring Windows servers with 5-disk multi-controller RAID array? Check - last week I hardly knew what RAID was. Windows network and user administration? Check. Linux server configuration for displaying data and other such tomfoolery - check. On top of this, business management, communication, sales and people networking skills; more about Agile software development than I managed in a year-long Software Engineering module at Uni (learning it like this really is best), and more .Net than I ever thought I could withstand (I think I could grow to like it now). I’ve also found a reason to use Twitter!

It’s not all technical geekiness though - I can honestly say that the people at Huddle are some of the friendliest, knowledgable, relaxed, entheusiastic, motivated and totally lovely people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The atmosphere in the office is just something else; no wonder great things are done here. I am enjoying my time at Huddle more than I have in any job or team before, and I hope I can take the ocean of skills and knowledge I’ve learnt back to Uni with me in October and do some great things there too.