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Continuous integration of Jekyll blogs

Travis CI for a free solution

7th January, 2015

I have been working on my site over the New Year break, making a few tweaks and improving bits and pieces. One of the things that I did was to give Travis CI a go and set up continuous integration.

Jekyll has quite a good tutorial on its site for setting up Travis, but if you are starting with a Plain Old Jekyll blog (no Ruby in it at all) there are a few bits and pieces that need to happen too. After getting knee-deep in Ruby gem hell and escaping the other side largely unscathed, here are some tips for non-Rubyists on getting it set up.


First of all you will need a Gemfile, this is the one you need to get their example build working:

Jekyll excludes

You’re also going to want to increase the files you exclude from your Jekyll build. I am using this exclude list now:


You can see the output of the hard work on Travis CI. Don’t forget to embed the badge on your README so you can see how the build is!