Chris Alexander

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Career Advice

11th June, 2020

LinkedIn used to have a Career Advice feature, which has apparently been “sunsetted”. This was a really neat little option you could turn on, and you could either ask for or offer advice (although the criteria for being able to offer advice was a bit vague).

You could type in a specific question you wanted help with (e.g. starting a new role, learning / development) and it would match you with LinkedIn members who could offer you help. You could restrict it to your network or all of LinkedIn, and you could use some filters to help hone in on people who could help you.

In my experience, it was better than just randomly connecting to people, but as it turns out they are going to turn it off eventually. As a result some people didn’t even know they were using the system and were surprised to get a message. There also wasn’t a lot of relevant people to help with specific queries.

Given they are going to turn it off, I was hoping to find a replacement. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a decent alternative. There are a few solutions out there for a specific industries or programming languages for example, but I haven’t found one that could have the reach and scope of the LinkedIn solution that is going away.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has found something similar in the past or can point me to one!