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Achievement Unlocked: Obtain beautiful wife

11th July, 2012

To cap of what has, by just about any standards, been an epic month or so (final exams, move house, new job, and graduation so far), yesterday Wenni and I got married.

Thank you so much to everyone who came - journeys varied in length from 4 floors in the lift (Wenni and I) to hundreds of miles (Suffolk folks, Wenni’s dad) to thousands of miles (Wenni’s mum). As I said on the day, it would not have been anything at all without you all there and we appreciate it so much.

We chose the Malmaison hotel in Reading, and I have to admit they did an absolutely stellar job. The day was perfectly executed and every aspect was absolutely spot on. Just about every one of our guests commented on how well it had all turned out, and we’re so grateful to everyone who was involved in putting it together with us.

Here’s the shot: