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Alicia Keys on the Colbert Report

17th December, 2009

I have three things to say the video below.

First of all, that album arrived from Amazon a couple of days ago, and I really didn’t think it had that track on it. It turns out that it was on the last track and had an extra verse sneaked in so I didn’t recognise it.

Second, it’s actually a brilliant live performance when current pop artists really can’t do that kind of thing. She actually plays the piano and sings live! Not enough of that is done these days.

Finally, the video is completely epic. Check it out.

Edit: Oops - looks that video’s gone. Check out this one of the full interview.

Here’s the Jay-Z version. I don’t like the track as much in this format, and I really don’t know what she’s doing on the piano… and the hair?! Bit of a failure all round really.