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Announcing the #RDGTweetup Great Expedition

29th July, 2009

What are you doing on Saturday 1st August? Because we invite you to join us on the First #RDGTweetup Great Expedition to see Banksy at the Bristol Museum.

Banksy is an internationally renowned guerilla street artist, making his name painting grafitti on the bare walls of cities across the UK, commenting on the state of society. You can check out some of his work on his website.

Here’s a preview of his work on display at the Bristol Museum:

Awesome! I want to go!

Great! Read on for some more info on the day…

How We’re Getting There

2 people (myself and @dtsn) will be driving on the day (this is much cheaper than the train, we checked). We each have space for 4 extra people in our cars. If more people want to come then we’ll need more drivers! Any volunteers would be more than welcome.

What time do I have to get up?

Whenever you like, but if you want to actually come with us, then you’ll need to be at the car park by the Tweetmeme offices at 9 am! We won’t be waiting around long as we’ll be wanting to get to the Banksy goodness. Here is a helpful map of our route. It starts at the office and finishes at one of the Bristol Park and Rides, which we’ll take into town and then walk to the museum.

How much is this going to cost me?

The good news is the exhibition itself is completely free! You’ll need money for the Park and Ride (around £2.50 return) and a contribution to the fuel costs of your driver (£5 or so). You’ll also need some for lunch (but you won’t be stuck for choice) and so on and so forth.

Plans for the day

We’ll arrive at the Park and Ride at around 10.45, and will hopefully not have to wait that long to get in to the museum. We’ll see how it goes on the day as to when we decide to meet up and head back to the Park and Ride, but I would not expect to be back in Reading much before 7pm at the earliest.

So are you interested? Drop us a comment below so we know numbers and have enough drivers. Even if you’re not planning to come, please retweet this using the button above to spread the word!