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Book: Pro HTML 5 Programming

6th December, 2010

With web development it’s always absolutely vital to keep up with the latest hot topic, be that the latest JavaScript trick, CSS techniques, optimisations for serving data faster, or new technologies.

Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as easy as it sounds! Web technology moves at such a breakneck pace that it is near impossible to keep on top of the latest trends and cool code.

This is very much the case with HTML 5. Now that major browser support has arrived, the collection of technologies that come under the general heading “HTML 5″ have been propelled into the limelight, both for developers looking to build web apps with awesome functionality and users expecting great experiences online.

This is where Pro HTML 5 Programming comes in.

This book covers pretty much every topic any web developer could possibly want regarding building the latest client-side interfaces. A sample of its content includes:

All of these take a truly cutting-edge approach, describing in detail how the new technology works, and covering all of the improvements to pre-existing technologies.

With each section, there are real-world examples and code showing you how the principles and APIs can be put into practice, clearly walking you through each of the design decisions you would need to make upon implementation, and providing information on the options and cross-browser support of the features. Somehow this book has managed to take an excellent snapshot of HTML 5 technologies that, despite the fast-paced advancement and changing landscape every day, provides a solid introduction and reference to experienced developers looking to move to the HTML 5 world.

I have had this book on hand for some days now and already find myself reaching for it on many occasions to make use of its guidance when implementing a feature of HTML 5 I have not worked closely with previously.

You can get your hands on the book from Amazon today.