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F1 tech primers by Craig Scarborough

27th March, 2012

Those of you who follow the tech of F1 closely will be well aware of Craig Scarborough. Craig blogs a lot regarding modern F1 tech, and was the first to publish details about Mercedes’ 2012 DRS-activated blown front wing.

Craig’s writing is always clear and informative, with excellent accompanying technical drawings (sample below).

If you’re not so up on these terms or the ins and outs of modern F1 aero and systems, Craig has started authoring a series on with an excellent introduction into the world of F1 tech.

The first post is about the [main components of F1 cars](,Technical_side_of_F1(Part_1.html), and the second uncovers what happens [inside the car under the covers](,Technical_side_of_F1(Part_2.html). Well worth checking out.