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Guided tour of Felixstowe

14th July, 2012

Last week I found myself giving a guided tour of London (#5529). This week I’ve been giving a guided tour my hometown of Felixstowe. As Felixstowe has much fewer attractions and they are significantly less densely populated than in London, I decided the car would be the best transport mechanism with frequent stops and photo opportunities.

Our first visit was to the Gulpher pond. Well out of the way around the back of town and on a quiet road, it is secluded and usually a good bet for seeing some wildlife.

Then we headed south and stopped off at the martello tower near the docks and beach.

Then we stopped off at the dock viewing point and watched the cranes, trains ans boats for a bit.

We headed up the cliff to the viewing point.

After a stop off in town we headed through the golf club (closed due to waterlogging) to the ferry for one final stop.

And that was that! Quite an epic trip it has to be said.