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How to feel like you havent achieved enough yet

17th January, 2012

This is bit different from the usual programming, I’m not making any guarantees about content going forwards!

At the risk of sounding like a fourteen year old girl, this is a great interview with Taylor Swift.

(I fully realise not only do I discuss Taylor Swift in that previous sentence, but also link to a Vogue article. If this concerns you, please do not read on. I also posted this entry on my blog. That’s fine, as I figure nobody reads it anyway.)

I like Taylor Swift’s music. It has taken a while for me to admit to this (again, at risk of sounding like a fourteen year old girl) but it’s a great blend of country and pop that I work really well to.

Not only that, but it turns out the woman behind it is completely normal. Despite selling out an 80-city year-long global stadium tour; awards and red carpets left right and center; being worth more zeros than I can write down; dating a list of people I’ve never heard of (they must be famous); hanging out with fashion designers, and being described as a “perfect model” size. And she’s the same age as me.

Now that’s a great way to make yourself feel that you haven’t really accomplished that much in life!

I’d also say she’s a great female role model for teenagers - how to handle fame, fortune, and one hell of a life without scandal or disaster.