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Massive Twitter Corporate #fail

5th February, 2010

So if you’re on Twitter often enough, you may have seen the little mistake that Vodafone UK - @vodafoneUK - made earlier.

Let’s just say that the tweet that got sent out to thousands of followers isn’t particularly safe for work - click on for the details.

While obviously this was a pretty epic mistake by whoever was in charge of keeping 2 Twitter accounts updated, I would hazard a guess that it was a simple mistake choosing the account to tweet out of.

Although as you may have seen in my recent photo (#2371), I take some pretty serious precautions when there’s a possibility of making a really big mess of it. I hope they have learnt to make sure that they are logged in to the right account before they post a tweet!

Kudos is due to Vodafone, however, who recovered by replying to every single complaint (it goes back literally pages on their timeline) in some kind of automated but also somewhat personalised manner. At least they dealt with it well, rather than just closing their account and firing everyone involved.

Managing that kind of situation is something that marketers and community managers are going to be facing in the future, and hopefully they can deal with it suitably.