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New Facebook Layout

10th September, 2008

Well well well! I was on Facebook recently scrolling through my homepage and saw a huge number of people joining various anti-facebook-new-layout groups. I tried a search, and found over 500 results for groups with title “new facebook layout” - not wanting to spend all day sifting through search results, I only found one “good” group way back on the sixth page of results :PI’m not quite sure why everyone is so against it; some say its because they can’t use it (well do you remember trying to start using it before?! It was impossible). Others say that it’s going to make it easy for stalkers, or how one lovely group put it “a one stop lesson for stalking” - to be honest, if you don’t want people to see stuff about you, DON’T PUT IT ON A SOCIAL NETWORK. Stupid.

So, if you don’t like it, take it off and stop moaning - give the developers a break, and also some constructive feedback: saying you can’t use it is absolutely zero use to the developers and designers, tell them why. If you have security concerns, raise it in an appropriate way and stop over-doing it.