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New My Starbucks Rewards is rubbish

2nd February, 2012

I’ve got a Starbucks Product Red reward card, so until 5th January this gave me free extras on Starbucks drinks and a bit of money went to charity each time I used it.

However, Starbucks launched a new rewards program on 5th Jan, My Starbucks Rewards, and I was quite looking forward to seeing what extras would be available. It turns out to be disappointing.

Now, instead of getting free extras just for using the card, you have to buy 50 drinks in a year before you get the extra rewards. Only if you buy another 50 drinks in the following year do you get to keep the rewards. Existing card holders get put on the Gold level automatically, but if you don’t buy 50 drinks in the first year then you get downgraded to the “Green” level and goodbye rewards. Bit annoying really.