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On A Lack Of Blogging

6th July, 2010

It seems that the tumbleweed is blowing somewhat stronger than usual through these parts; this post is partly here to stop that, and partly here to explain why.

It’s not through lack of inspiration or even want of writing posts, but more that I simply haven’t had the time to put my usual effort into an article. I wouldn’t want to publish something sub-standard just because I feel the need to publish something.

What with a crazy-busy few weeks at work, in addition to trying to move house, sort out the related gubbins, and generally not get behind on the numerous other things I take part in, blogging has sadly been pushed to the bottom of my priority pile. Hopefully now with a little more time in the evenings and a stronger-than-ever will, more scribing will be done.

I should also note that tomorrow I’m off to a bloggers event in London at 1000 Heads, so that should be fun and should get me back in the writing spirit again.