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A Note on Windows Phone 7

14th June, 2010

Windows Phone 7 has been quietly bubbling away in the background for the past few weeks with Android’s Froyo update and iPhone 4 laying waste to any big news about the platform.

But I’ve been keeping my eye on what’s been going on, and have been interested to hear on a few developments that have been announced for the platform.

Rumours abound that Windows Phone 7 devices will be shipped out to select developers very soon, and that some devices have been spotted booting in sub-30 seconds (that far outstrips iPhone and Android!).

Back to the more solid news, and there is a fun demo of the interface on the Windows Phone 7 site. An interesting perspective into how the platform differs in its user experience from iPhone and especially from Android.

Keep an eye on this post as it’s updated with more information as I find it.