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Get Away and Find Great Deals with Bing Travel

15th March, 2010

It’s getting toward that time of year again. The weather isn’t getting better - Winter drags on for even longer than last year - and what you could really do right now is the prospect of a holiday somewhere warm in the summer to look forward to.

You have your list of top places you want to visit, your bank statement, and the will to go book somewhere right now.

But how to do you best decide where to go with the money you have? Bing Travel is here to help.

Bing Travel forms part of Bing’s wider policy in its search war against Google; by providing search services tailored to certain requirements, it aims to dominate markets like Travel rather than the core search product.

Bing Travel offers flight and hotel searches across a huge range of sources, as well as some really nice features that make finding that perfect break even easier.

FareCast technology

FareCast is a system which shows you when it is the best time to buy flights and hotels based on its price. It uses advanced technology to determine when the price of a certain flight is its most optimal, allowing you to save money by buying when it is at or close to the cheapest it is going to be. It can save you loads of money and makes sure you get the best deal!

Features and Editorials

There are some great editorials featured on the site too - for example this one I found called (in a very Top Gear-style) “Crazy Drives”.