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Imagine Cup: Competition

9th November, 2009

The Imagine Cup is Microsoft’s premier student technology competition, bringing together students from all over the world to compete to solve the world’s toughest problems through technology.

This year, the worldwide finals are being held in Poland, and you can get there by entering one of five competitions. Here’s an overview of what you can get into and what’s involved.

There’s a huge selection to pick from - have a look at the brief overviews, and if you like what you hear, you can click through to the full competition description on the Imagine Cup website.

Software Design

This is the flagship competition of the Imagine Cup, and comes with the biggest prizes!

Create an exceptional technology solution using Microsoft tools that addresses some of the world’s toughest problems, as defined by the UN Millennium Development Goals (#1191).

Microsoft tools and technologies aren’t just about the PC any more, so think outside the box and create some excellent solutions! If you think you’re up to taking on the biggest challenges and winning the biggest prizes, find out more about the Software Design competition on the Imagine Cup website.

Game Design

Game Design is your opportunity to make a difference in a fun and engaging way!

Build a fantastic game with XNA Game Studio, Visual Studio or Silverlight. Target the latest platforms, including Windows 7 and the Xbox 360. Pour your creative talents into a revolutionary game and you could be on your way to Poland and thousands of pounds in prizes. Check out the Imagine Cup site for more on Game Design.

Digital Media

NEW for 2010 - create digital media, be it video, an interactive experience, photos and more to change the global community.

This year your challenge is to make the most viral video or multimedia experience and spread your message across the world! This is your change to reach millions of people with your message for bettering our world. Find out more about the Digital Media competition.

IT Challenge

Undertake the construction and maintenance of a massive enterprise IT infrastructure and battle it out with the best students from around the world in a 24-hour virtual lab test of your IT prowess.

Know your systems? IT manager in the making? This competition is for you. Sign up now and get the Imagine Cup on your CV, and great experience for your future career. Find out more here.

Embedded Development

Are you ready to develop the technology of tomorrow? Then Embedded Development is for you.

Build an exciting and revolutionary solution to the world’s toughest problems with a combination of hardware, software, and Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2. Get stuck in to Embedded Development today, and get ready to change the world.