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Imagine Cup: Day 2

4th July, 2009

It’s all kicking off in Cairo this morning!

The 24-hour long competitions are well under way, and the other major ones are going to fire up soon. I have seen the Embedded team’s equipment set up and looking great, I’ve been told the Software Design people are looking great to go this afternoon (2pm CAI, 12pm BST) and I hear that the games dev team are furiously coding to implement some nice extras into their game.
So far I’ve shot some really nice pictures of the hotel complex, and hopefully the rest of the day will be spent relaxing, taking a few pictures and video, and keeping you lot updated now I have some semblance of wifi here!
As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to talk about Cairo’s traffic - if you thought London was bad, then you have seen nothing! The police are generally quite relaxed (they tend to police from chairs on the side of the road), there are almost no road markings, and junctions are simply where two roads meet and then you try and get across - very few traffic lights and no roundabouts! Yesterday there was an entire junction in a big knot because everyone had managed to block everyone else in, so the entire lot came to a (very noisy) stand still! Hopefully we will travel at more reasonable times (apparently yesterday was also a public holiday) so issues like that can be avoided.