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Imagine Cup: Opportunity

10th November, 2009

We’ve had a look at the competition of the Imagine Cup (#1191), and what you can expect (#1145) from the Imagine Cup in 2010, but what about the opportunities that you may get from taking part in the competition?

The simple fact of the matter is that taking part in this competition gives you more opportunities than from taking part in any other student activity that I have come across.

Let’s take the Software Design competition (#1191) as an example.

Just by signing up on the Imagine Cup site, you will be automatically put in touch with some of the Academic Evangelism team in the UK. If you put in a good first-round entry, then you can expect to be contacted by the team to chat about your entry, and put in touch with charities who are looking for solutions that you’re developing.

You get all that just for submitting one document with your idea on it!

If you get further into the competition, you will spend days at Microsoft UK either in London (Victoria) or Reading (Thames Valley Park), developing your idea and getting up to some pretty awesome things.

If you get even further into the competition, you’ll get to do some even more incredible things. If you make it through to the UK final they often hold the event at top Microsoft UK locations (last year’s was at the Microsoft Research facility at Cambridge), and if you win that then you will be taken off to Poland for the worldwide finals.

(The 2009 worldwide finals were in Cairo).

So do you like the sound of the opportunities you could get through the Imagine Cup? Looking to work at a company like Microsoft in the future? Then sign up for the Imagine Cup today!