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Imagine Cup: The Beginning

3rd July, 2009

This is the first of hopefully a series of blog posts I will be posting here from Cairo, the location of the Imagine Cup 2009 worldwide finals. I would post them on my own website but I failed to finish hacking up WordPress to my satisfaction before I left ;-)

I’m currently sitting on my netbook in a coffee shop above the main floor at Terminal 1, Heathrow - today was an early start, but only because I wanted to get here in time and to overcome any problems. I’m really looking forward to this week - basically doing some media coverage for Microsoft from the event, as I am in a unique position of being both a student at this event and also not competing, so I will have time to get on with pictures and video!
As soon as I can get some wifi at the event, I will be tweeting, blogging, posting pictures and video, and hopefully streaming if the bandwidth allows, so keep up to date at these URLs.