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Quick Steps in Outlook 2010

4th December, 2009

Earlier in the week, I got stuck in to installing and trying out Office 2010. Now that I’ve had a bit of a chance to get to grips with it and use it, there are some very cool additions that I have discovered and want to dig a bit deeper into.

The first feature, surprisingly enough, is in Outlook. As I said in my previous overview of Office 2010, Outlook is the program from the suite I use the most, and that which has had the biggest overhaul.

One feature that I recently discovered is the Quick Steps feature.

This is a fixture that appears in the main ribbon when you are in a mailbox, and it allows you to configure and then execute macros - a series of steps that would usually take you several clicks, but instead with just one.

Setting up Quick Steps can be slightly tricky, so rather than write a very very long post detailing how to go about doing it, I thought it would be better to record a short screencast and walk you through the process: