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Windows 7 Security

18th February, 2010

So now that Windows 7 has been out and about a bit in the wild, security firms that previously made millions from selling their wares to naive users are finding their revenues dropping.

That is the only reason, I can guess, for them to be going to the harsh marketing that they have been up to recently. It basically amounted to them saying that Windows 7 was insufficiently secure and you “needed” another level of protection.

Of course, any extra protection is recommended; but in this case I think there is something that can outdo AVG and their irresponsible advertising campaign.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a virus and malware scanner from Microsoft, built to work seamlessly with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

It’s a comprehensive package that’s available totally free and with no nagging advertising to users of genuine versions of Windows. You can download it today from the Security Essentials site, and there are some screenshots posted below.