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Windows Azure Series: Getting Started with Azure

24th February, 2010

Windows Azure Series

Welcome to the third in a series of posts on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Check out the first post on the subject of Cloud Computing (#2533).

I was about to go and write a full-blown tutorial on how to get started and fired up with your first Windows Azure application, but then I realised that there is so much great content out there that it would be criminal to replicate it.

So here is some details on some of the best posts on how to get your first Windows Azure application off and running, and some links on where to find out more.

First up, of course, is the official MSDN documentation: Getting Started with Windows Azure SDK. As you may expect this is quite heavy and not as talky as the other links I’m going to mention, but it still does a great job of getting the technical specification down and makes a great reference for when you forget that one little thing.

There are then, of course, the MSDN blogs. These provide an invaluable resource of real-world experiences from Microsoft employees directly working with and influencing the products they blog about. Here are some highlights to get you started on some key areas:

Of course, there is always plenty of other content out there if you want to go for something a bit different.

For loads more information on Azure, check out Dom Green’s blog (the UK’s resident Azure expert), the official Azure blog and website, or the Azure tag.