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Detox on my phone

3rd January, 2018

I have recently written about my attempt to improve my happiness by reducing the amount of Twitter and online news I am reading.

In order to try and enforce this a little bit - or at least to break my habits - I have installed AppDetox on my phone.

The setup I have gone for initially is a comination of a number of their blocking modes:

These seem quite aggressive so I might end up tweaking them, or going cold turkey first time might just do it!

The way this is enforced is really interesting, in that if you launch an app when you aren’t meant to, it is just closed and you get a popup telling you off!

Fortunately, for “urgent” (or craving) scenarios, it is possible to override the rules for a bit if you do need to use it for a particular reason. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out though!