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Getting Buzz on Android

17th August, 2010

I was discussing on Buzz a few days ago about the best ways to keep in the loop while on the go. I thought I would briefly note down my thoughts for the record.

On my Nexus One I use a combination of two apps to keep me in touch over Buzz. I use the official Google widget, which provides a great creation mechanism, combined with Seemsic for Android, which provides the reading experience. Admittedly it’s a bit clunky having one for each of the activities, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use Seesmic to post - but from the home screen the widget provides the best experience.

The new TweetDeck for Android supports Buzz - but I have made many complaints about it in the past few days and I find TweetDeck simply unusable most of the time as it is way too clunky and text and buttons are just massive.

What do you use for getting your Buzz fix on the go?