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Photography Top Tips: Organisation

9th January, 2011

Since I got my new camera, I’ve managed to up the number of photos I take each day quite significantly. Keeping them all in order can be quite an issue!

I use Picasa for organising my photos - it makes it easy to grab things as I want them, and the face tagging makes it easy to find a photo of that particular person you wanted. It’s also quite easy to send photos or upload them from there if I want to share a batch.

But I have come across a cool feature of Windows Explorer that has helped me out with my #project365 (a photo a day). I have included the directory I keep all my photos in into the Pictures Library. I then have a folder for each month - e.g. “2010 - Dec” or “2o11 - Jan”. If you go in to these folders, you can then set up preferences to easily get to your daily photos. If you select “Arrange by: Day” either in the top right of the window, or in the right-click menu (you can also order as you wish from the right click menu), you get an expandable/collapsable list of the days photos were taken from this folder. It is then easy to pick out a photo of the day!

Stay tuned for more photography top tips.