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Spring has sprung

15th March, 2021

I hadn’t used my camera in so long that when I picked it up last week to take a photo of the first daffodil in our garden, its batteries were completely flat!

Batteries charged and a half decent weekend meant I could get out in the garden and take some photos, and what better theme as we emerge from another stormy week than the lovely growth that is starting to appear in the garden now.

Here are some of my top picks.

All photos: EOS 5Dmk3, EF 28-70mm f/2.8L USM - more kit

Why are so many at ISO 3200? It was actually pretty dim out and that’s the lowest ISO I’ll go to on the 5Dmk3 without introducing too much noise.

The Tree

I don’t know what type of tree it is, other than it’s been growing in the corner of our garden probably since the house was built, about 15 years ago. It has just started budding.

70mm, 1/1000 f/9.0, ISO 3200

(No alt specified)


These flowers are not particularly high yet and facing downwards. Our grass is muddy and there’s no way I was laying down, and I still wouldn’t even have got this low I think. Live Mode to the rescue! Next time I’m setting up remote shooting though…

58mm, 1/800 f/9.0, ISO 3200

(No alt specified)


Again not sure what these plants are. But when they’re just starting out, they collect rainwater as huge droplets within their leaves.

70mm, 1/250 f/13, ISO 3200

(No alt specified)


We bought tulip bulbs in the Netherlands when we visited, and this is the second year of using them. They are ready to go!

60mm, 1/400 f/5.0, ISO 1250

(No alt specified)


This pot we have had for a number of years, it was originally a gift and it keeps coming back to life. The low f-stop on this one makes it feel like a tiny world, and I love the detail in the moss this camera is able to pick out.

70mm, 1/320 f/10, ISO 3200

(No alt specified)

Cherry tree

We planted a cherry and apple tree a few years ago (maybe around 3?) and last year we had a decent crop, hoping for a lot more this year! The apple tree isn’t showing many signs of doing much just yet, but this cherry is on its way.

70mm, 1/400 f/13, ISO 3200

(No alt specified)