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Seesmic Look

A New Way To Twitter

22nd January, 2010

So yesterday @Loic and Seesmic dropped a bit of a bomb - Seesmic Look, yet another Twitter client from the Seesmic team (in addition to their Android, Blackberry, Web, Desktop, Windows, Twhirl and products).

So how could you possibly justify yet another Twitter app for Windows on top of the four that you can already access from a Windows desktop?

There’s some really cool features of Look that I think justify it being there. Let’s take a Look.

User Interface

For me the interface is very Media Center-esque - I can imagine it would be extremely easy to navigate with a remote control. Twitter on your TV anyone?

Advanced Twitter support

Lists, retweets, trending topics, searches and saving searches, favourites and with the addition of channelisation of users, it has it all in there out of the box.

Playback View

This is one of the coolest features for me.

It basically allows you to play back a particular timeline, in such a way that it looks quite nice and is great on a big monitor.

I can imagine it being really useful on trade stands, in offices, and other places where you want to share a Twitter stream, list, parts of your personal timeline, or searches on a big screen.