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Fring - mobile IM client

29th July, 2008

Recently I’ve been making more and more use of Fring, a multi-protocol S60 (symbian) instant messaging client.

It’s much more than just that though - all your contacts appear in one easy to use list, and chats are tabbed so it’s really easy to navigate between them and keep loads running at the same time. Protocols include all the popular ones like MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Google Talk, as well as Skype, ICQ, and also enabling you to post to and read your Twitter. It can even make VoIP calls using Skype and the Fring servers, and although it can vary greatly due to your connection (it works best on devices using WiFi as opposed to using the mobile data connections.

I would highly recommend it for someone on the go, but you really need to have WiFi or an unlimited data plan to make full use of it, otherwise it will get very expensive very quickly!